MTV Movie Awards of DOOM?

Oh, the MTV Movie Awards! In the rank of awards show importance, you’re definitely not in the same league as the Golden Globes (or even the Emmys), but DAMN do you beat the hell out of the Teen Choice Awards.You come around once a year and whether we want to watch or not, we usually do.

MTV Movie Awards The Hunger Games

All this could be theirs!

This year, The Hunger Games is up for EIGHT awards. They are: Movie of the Year, Best Kiss, Best Female Performance, Best Male Performance, Best On-Screen Transformation, Best Fight, Best Cast, and Breakthrough Performance (because apparently, Liam Hemsworth is new?)

We love The Hunger Games so much it’s kind of ridiculous, but we’ll concede to a point that most other fans won’t: Out of all the categories, The Hunger Games should only win maybe 3 of them.

Yes, the movie was exceptional. The performances were phenomenal. We could watch it over and over all day long… and probably will once the DVD comes out. But were they enough to deserve all the awards, especially against movies like Drive, The Help, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2? As realists, the answer is no.

Lucky enough for you hardcore fans who DO believe that The Hunger Games is the only film the should ever get an award, our realism makes no difference whatsoever. The MTV Movie Awards is voted on completely by the fans, many of whom incessantly vote over and over again for their favorite, which is Twilight wins so much.

We’re not saying “BOYCOTT THESE AWARDS!” or anything like that, because there is something to be said for popularity when it comes to films. However, the MTV Movie Awards are a double-edged sword.

If The Hunger Games wins almost every category it’s nominated in, we’ve officially become a fandom filled with crazies who will spend hours lingering over their computers voting and voting for our champions to win a golden popcorn statue and rallying their friends to do the same. With that goes a decent chunk of our dignity.

If The Hunger Games loses almost every category, then nobody takes the fandom all that seriously because we’re letting all the other fandoms, who would inevitably win out in such a case (and probably SHOULD win, in case of the last Harry Potter film), trample all over us. The potential for new fans realized during a major television show would be lost and we’d kinda feel like asshats.

So let’s vote for our Hunger Games once each, maybe even twice, and hope for the best. If they win, they get to be on MTV’s 2012 Movie Awards recap just before next year’s show. If they lose, they cannot adorn their living room with a giant metal popcorn statuette.

Even Though That Popcorn is Snazzy, Worse Things Have Happened…
The Girl With The Pearl



  1. I agree with the Liam Hemsworth thing. And no offence to Liam, but Ludwig did a WAY better job and this technically was one of his first major roles. He should have definitely been nominated instead.

    1. Alexander’s first major role was actually in Race to Witch Mountain, which did get quite of bit of attention and featured him in a prevalent role. I would say that the only actors who are really eligible in the Breakthrough category would be Willow or Amandla.

      1. Ahhhh. I didn’t know if that counted or not. Haha, sorry Ludwig!

        And those two would have been great! Willow and Amandla were both amazing. I’m not ashamed to say that they made me tear up multiple times in the movie.

        MTV– there were other deserving actors besides the “trio”! Once again, not to really offend Liam, but he is said to be one of the major stars of the movie and he gets all of this press, when he doesn’t deserve it. Not because of his lack of talent, but because he was only in the movie for a couple of minutes! I guess media is just trying to sell the whole love-triangle thing again? *sigh*

  2. I kinda feel like the point of any MTV award show is for fans of a certain franchise- to
    vote for your fandom or franchise. It’s definitely a popularity contest.

    1. Oh, it’s definitely a popularity contest! We’re just trying to consider whether it’s a help or hinderance to the fandom on the whole If we win, we’re the fandom with crazy, over-obsessive fans. If we lose, the fans won’t be considered passionate and we’ll be discredited. There’s no winning!

  3. Fair enough, Liam was exceptional in my opinion at portraying Gale so well, but his role wasn’t entirely deserving for Breakthrough as alright, it was a major role, but there was so many others who deserved it too…Amandla sooo deserved a nomination. Just saying. And amen at your predictions, hopefully everyone’s been voting as often as I have and actually wants to see the joy on Jennifer/Josh/Alex/Liam/etc’s face when they win as well as fully supporting them and the movies, both already made and yet-to-come. Here’s hoping!

  4. I think it’d be nice for THG to win an award here and there, but there are other films that deserve far more recognition (ie. Harry Potter). I don’t think Liam was that exceptional, but he made me feel less indifferent towards Gale and made me lean towards liking him. He doesn’t come close to Willow, Amandla, or Ludwig though. And I think the fight scene between Katniss and Clove was far better than the Cornucopia one. My heart actually pounded during that scene, even though I knew how it would turn out.

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