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Well, that’s a relief. Oh, sorry — you have no idea what I’m talking about. Here’s the deal, y’know how Robert Pattinson’s name has been flagrantly thrown around as a possible contender in the casting of Finnick Odair, usually by people who only seemingly think “hey The Hunger Games is a huge money-maker, so’s Twilight, derr they should have the same people in The Hunger Games, ’cause it’d be fun and make money, yay!” and then throw pixie dust on them selves, and then explode into a million tiny pieces? Um, Pattinson — hate to be the bringer of the horrible news, but he’s just signed on to do something that will likely conflict with the filming schedule of Catching Fire, unless magically Lionsgate heeds many of our prayers and pushes back production so they can ensure that the film gets the attention many of us believe it deserves. Yes, I am in fact still reeling about the time constraints that have so far been feigned to over the pre-production and production schedules of said film. It literally gives me stress headaches, and if it’s giving ME stress headaches, and I’m only a little ol’ blogger, what the fuck is it doing to the person or people who are actually going to be creatively in charge of this project?! Anyway, Pattinson being pretty much out of the running, not only because of new projects, but also the fact that previous reports have stated that NO ONE FROM THE TWILIGHT CAST CAN BE PART OF THE HUNGER GAMES CAST, I’m only feeling a tiny bit relieved — unless of course they’ve reneged. In that case, I’m going to go have a shower sob fest.

I realize that the casting of Finnick is probably the most contentious casting of a major motion picture franchise character since Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, and (hate to say it), Edward Cullen. But what baffles me more often than I’d like to admit, is the entertainment medias treatment of the dreaded, the emotional, and sometimes the thoughtless fan-castings of dear not a-high-school-kid-as-much-as-people-seem-to-keep-thinking-he-is Finnick. As you know, I’m pretty

Made By Twiffidy

Made by Twiffidy

much up to my neck with one fan-cast, but I have yet to come across another person who’s in the same boat as me. Kind of lonely here have to admit, and the entertainment news media is not helping one iota! Who here despises one entertainment news source that shares its name with a letter in the alphabet as much as I do? Anyone? Anyone at all? I cannot even begin to fathom the amount of tripe they have shilled out over the last year about this franchise, and now that casting will, or has (man, where’s a director confirmation when you need one?), begun — they’re jumping on the bandwagon with about as much forethought, i.e research, as a child jumping on a sidewalk full of gloriously full rain puddles. I swear, I don’t even know why I click the links that show up in my Google alerts sometimes, especially when I know they’re coming from certain sources. But I do, and then I feel ill, and then feel even more ill when I read sometimes borderline racist (or blatantly… sadly), then sexist, then objectifying to both men and to women, possibly even dogs, then just plain idiotic comments on their completely ill-conceived “articles.”

 I think what bothers me the most though, is the pure and utter lack of research into their pieces dealing with the casting of Odair. From a layman it could perhaps look like they know what they’re talking about, especially if they insult people in their “articles,” which they do, and apparently I do as well. But to me, the overly emotionally invested fan-girl, who’s read the series several times, and seen the first installment of the film franchise four times, I see holes in their pieces that a 200 lbs baby elephant could walk through. Look, I know I’m a crazy fan-girl, in fact I should probably just get the t-shirt made already and wear it with pride. But at least in my insanity I came to my conclusions on who I’d ultimately want to portray Finnick Odair, or Johanna Mason, or Beetee with a little more thoughtfulness than doing a search on Twitter or Google for 10 minutes, or perhaps they just pluck their information out of thin air. Your guess is as good as mine.

I shudder to think that some of these people consider them selves journalists, ’cause I certainly don’t consider my self to be one.

Them There Eyes



  1. I think actor DJ Qualls said it best when he asked if the folks at E! are just the tiniest bit worried there might be a hell. So-called news sources suggesting Robert has/ will get that role don’t exist, la la la, i can’t hear/see them. I value the small amount of sanity I have left far too much to stress myself out reading such things.

  2. Sadly, I have learned almost too much about the media in the last few years and I believe they purposefully report this false information to get responses from their audience. On the other point Im starting to think that negotiations on the back end are stalling after Gary Ross’ departure. At this point I cant see them releasing a new film by Nov. 2013. The filming itself would have to be completed about 3-4 months prior. Also reports I read say that Jen will begin filming a new X-men installment in Jan 2013. Trust me I DO NOT to have wait longer but I say they move the release date back to accommodate whatever Gary Ross asked for & move forward from there.

    1. Oh, we all know about Jennifer Lawrence’s contract with Fox, and the “tentative” start date for filming the next X-Men film. We also know about the almost insane amount of time they were asking Ross to make CF in, which is probably what’s stopping up Francis Lawrence now as well. We’re almost too informed here actually. I can’t see them releasing a film by November 2013 either, ’cause the time window for pre-pro/production is closing in fast, even if it is only the beginning of May.

  3. I remember last year I posted something from that dude Ted and everyone blasted me. Ever since them I don’t post anything they say. lol

  4. What I hate most about the fancasts for Finnick is that (like you said) people don’t think about their choices. Almost ALL of the fancasts are just based on looks. “Oh, Finnick has to be totz hot, so I’m just going to pick the biggest, most gorgeous actor out there. And hey, if he’s known for being shirtless, even better! Heck, let Finnick take his shirt off every five minutes! That would be FANTASTIC!”

    Finnick is my favorite character out of the series. Not because I think he’s “hot”, but because he has the most dynamic changes as a character, and man, he just goes through a lot in his life. He’s an INSPIRING character. I see names like Ryan Gosling and Channing Tatum EVERYWHERE in the media– they’re hot and popular actors, but don’t look the part and would ultimately not be the best options (in my opinion).

    Garrett Hedlund matches the appearance of MY Finnick perfectly, but I am 100% on the Armie Hammer train. Don’t worry– you’re not alone! I just hope that the media and the “omg, finnick is lyk sooooo gorgeousssss” fans take the role more seriously.

    Francis Lawrence— please don’t screw this up.

    1. Agree! Lots of people keep posting “XXX should play Finnick because he is so hot!” and I just do a major facepalm every single time I see that. Lionsgate, Francis Lawrence and all those in charge should certainly know better.

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