Finding Finnick Odair – Chris Zylka

We’re back for another week of Finding Finnick Odair! This week, we’re discussing 26-year-old Chris Zylka, best known for his role on ABC Family’s The Secret Circle.

Victors Village
Kait: We had no idea who Chris Zylka was before today, but we’re not totally surprised to see that he’s from the ABC Family and/or CW school of actors. While that type tends to be popular in Finnick fancasts, we just don’t get it! Chris has a role in “The Amazing Spider-Man” that could prove promising for his career, but his crowning achievements prior to that are tween shows and Piranha 3DD, which is sure to be a cinematic masterpiece (Please, for the love of everything, NOTE THE SARCASM!) We’re not saying Chris isn’t attractive at all. He’s got that Grecian look going on and he did play a character called Mr. Hottie in the indie comedy called “The People I’ve Slept With”. However, being hot and acting well enough to land roles on teen television networks is not enough to make Chris Zylka our Finnick. Shailene Woodley’s amazing performance in The Descendants was the exception, not the rule!

Chris Zylka

HG Movie Site
Erin: He looks a lot like Finnick to me. Not only does he carry off the look and the feel of Finnick, I think that he could pull it off. I don’t think that Finnick should be someone newer, not a face that we reguarly see on the silver screen. Finnick is supposed to be handsome and bruding, and Chris can pull that off. He has the body of Finnick. Finnick is supposed to be someone that people in the capitol would pay to sleep with, and the reality is, excuse the crudeness, that seems beleivable. From what I have seen on the Secret Circle, Chris is a good actor and can pull it off. Chris could totally be my Finnick.

HG Fireside Chat
Savanna: I had no clue who Chris Zylka was before sitting down to write about him for Week 11 of Finding Finnick Odair. I’m still not quite sure I know who he is. He has very few credits to his name and hasn’t done anything notable that anyone would really remember. Based on his body of work alone, he doesn’t seem like he’s experienced enough to handle a complex role like Finnick, but since I’ve never seen him in anything, I feel unqualified to judge his acting abilities. As far as looks go, though, he looks nothing like the Finnick that I pictured in my head while reading the books. Zylka has a very all-American, jock-like look to him, which — for me — does’t fit Finnick at all. Adam adds: Chris Zylka, whose acting capability is pretty much unknown, COULD look the part IF he can act well enough to change the natural expression of his face from fierce to calm. But then, why should there be any “coulds” or “ifs” at all? We need someone who screams Finnick, and there are no ifs ands or buts about it. Yes

The Hob
Amanda: I wasn’t familiar with Chris Zylka until he was brought into the mix as a suggestion for Finnick. Since the only thing he’s really done is The Secret Circle – which I’ve never watched – he’s another actor that I can’t judge based on talent, though the lack of acting experience would concern me a bit given the multidimensional Finnick. Physically though, I have to admit he’s a pretty good fit to what I pictured for Finnick – blonde, attractive, tall, muscular. He’s in his late 20s, which although older than Finnick, is probably the right age for an actor to play the role given the ages of Jennifer, Josh and Liam.

HG Girl on Fire
Sheila: All I know about Chris Zylka is what I’ve seen of him on the CW’s Secret Circle. Physically I can understand why is he is popular fan pick for Finnick with his muscular build, blonde hair and strong features. But I’m not sure he is what I’ve personally envisioned for Finnick. While his acting on Secret Circle has been fine, I’ve really only seen him play the same emotions throughout this season of Secret Circle without alot of depth or change in his character. While that is really not through any fault of Chris’, it does leave me wondering whether he has the level of skill that would be needed to play Finnick Odair.
Crystal: I had never heard of Chris Zylka until we decided to focus on him this week, so unfortunately I have no idea about his acting abilities. I do think he’s handsome, but for some reason he just seems like the wrong type of handsome for Finnick. Chris looks very chiseled and Ken-doll like and that’s not really what I had imagined for Finnick. Being from the fishing district, I’ve always thought Finnick should look like a really handsome working class type of guy. Chris looks more like someone who was born in the Capitol. I don’t know how else to put it.

What do you thinly of Chris Zylka?

We’ll be back next week to discuss Chace Crawford!


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  1. I’ve watched Chris Zylka on the secret circle and yes I understand the hesitation to back him as Finnick because he doesn’t have many credits to his name, but I think he could fill the shoes great. Chris isn’t exactly what I pictured for Finnick but when I actually saw his name in the hat for the part I was behind him 100%. Finnick is supposed to be from a district where people are in the water and sun all day, meaning he is supposed to be a little darker than average (spray tan could fix that), a swimmers bod (check), and sun kissed hair (check). Like I said before I think that Chris could pull off his part better than you guys would expect, because he’s played active, athletic parts, which means that it won’t seem like so “silver screen dramatic” when he throws a trident, is carrying peta or swimming in the water. I’m backing Chris all the way and I think everyone else should too, to me he seems perfect for the part.

    PS. He’s got the sexy seductive look too (:

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