Disturbing Hunger Games Stuff We Found On The Internet

Welcome to the weekend, where our life is so exciting, we spend a large chunk of it focusing on this here website!

We’re working on a new feature coming to the site soon that has lead us to search around the Internet for ALL The Hunger Games things! However, along the way, we discovered some stuff that we really wish we hadn’t.

Of course, we’re going to share them with you. If we’re going to be disturbed, you will too, dammit!

1. Blatant of lack originality – Self-published author Conrad Powell is selling a 30-page essay comparing The Hunger Games and modern-day America. All royalties will be donated to a charity of his readers choosing, which is admirable of him, despite the fact that his preview pages are just advertisements for his vampire series that makes Twilight look like the works of Charles Dickens. But what’s the title of this project, published just last week? Hunger is Not a Game. Sound familiar? It should. Shylah of Down With The Capitol introduced a charity project with the same name last year, soon after which she teamed up with The Harry Potter Alliance and got huge support for it. Riding on the coattails of someone else’s success, much?

2. Erotic fanfiction FOR SALE– If any Hunger Games fansite is going to devolve into straight up porn talk, it’s going to be us. So let’s get to it! Just when we start to think all the lame parodies are bad, we stumble across THE HUNG GAMES. We really wish we were joking about that title, but we’re not.

Hunger Games baby beanie Cafe Press

Warning: This infant may slaughter you.

An author by the name of Aubrey Watt has actually taken all of her bad Hunger Games sex fan fiction, changed the names of characters to things like “Petr” and “Geil”, put it in Kindle format and PUT IT UP FOR SALE. You can get some of the greatest classics ever written for free with a Kindle, but prepare to pay $2.99 to enjoy Katniss and Peeta’s sexytimes, slightly altered for legal purposes!

3. Baby clothes discussing killing – If we have children, we have every intention of getting them into The Hunger Games at an appropriate age. Even before they read the story, there will likely be clothing with Mockingjay pins and such on it. But a baby beanie reading KILL OR BE KILLED? REALLY?! Let’s not only advertise the story to those who are not familiar as something ultra-violent… let’s do that WITH OUR BABIES.

Mind you, this was all found just today. We know you’ve probably come across some creepy Hunger Games stuff too, so get it off your chest and share with us in the comments!

We’re Searching For Handmade Hunger Games Stuff on Etsy to Cleanse Our Souls,
The Girl With The Pearl


  1. i dont no if this is disturbing but i was on ebay looking for a autographed picture from jennifer lawrence and found someone trying to sell the supposive bra’s jennifer wore while filming the hunger game for 300 how totally weird i laughed so hard when i saw that kinda disturbing what some people would do to make money of a fandom i would say

  2. I swear, there’s seriously too much Hunger Games porn in this world…

    And why is the Hunger Games apparel for babies necassarrr?

  3. Ewwwwww that fanfiction thing is just gross. Then again 50 Shades of Grey was originally just a Twilight fanfic and then the author just changed the characters names so she could publish it. SO CREEPY. >.<

    1. We’ve never read 50 Shades of Grey, but we know the basic story. We don’t actually have any problems with erotic fanfic. To each their own there. We just think it’s hilarious that this woman is trying to sell her fanfic when she barely changed the names and clearly it’s based on the the series, detail for detail and it’s called THE HUNG GAMES.

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