Why Francis Lawrence Hasn’t Accepted The Job Yet!

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: We picture this fandom as the neurotic girlfriend of the people actually involved with The Hunger Games franchise.

When we hear rumors, or in this case, DON’T hear enough, we get nervous. We start to question what this relationship is really built upon and how much it can take, especially when we’re kept in the dark about how our filmmakers really feel. It’s just too much!

We experienced our first round of neuroses surrounding Gary Ross’ departure from the films. Now we’re experiencing another because Francis Lawrence has yet to accept a deal to direct Catching Fire. Just today, the Wall Street Journal said Lionsgate was close to finishing up a deal with Lawrence, but it’s been a week since they first offered him the job and still no actual word from Lionsgate that he plans to accept…

Francis Lawrence director Catching Fire

It's official.. the dude's playing God!

He has to accept, right? We just couldn’t take that kind of rejection again!

So what will we do? What we do best. We will rationalize!**

Reasons Why Francis Lawrence Has Not Officially Signed on For Catching Fire:

  • Francis is Greedy McGreederson and wants more money and creative control than what Lionsgate to offering – We seriously doubt that a guy who typically directs music videos to trying to slyly scam on a the world’s biggest film companies, so let’s move on to something else.
  • Lionsgate wants to slowly torture fans until at least one of us plucks all our hair out until bald – To this we also say NO. Lionsgate announced that they were offering the job to Lawrence, which isn’t even really news. If anything, they tell us more than most studios would. And we’re sure they like our hair just the way it is!
  • Francis is hiding out in his home while treating this job like in existential crisis – Really, directing Catching Fire is a big deal! If he takes this job, he may never be able to go back to music videos! Then he might be forced to work on other projects that people actually SEE… Or he’s afraid we’ll chase him with pitchforks if it’s not good, which is plausible.
  • He’s currently busy working on something else – This is true, according to IMDB! Lawrence is filming a pilot called Gotham (which has absolutely nothing to do with Batman! We’re mildly disappointed.) We’re not saying he won’t leave it for Catching Fire, but dropping a directing job doesn’t happen overnight.
  • Major studio contracts are really freaking detailed and complicated – Oh yeah! The silly piece of paper than lays out almost every single detail of the director’s job and his rights within the studio! That may require some negotiation and perhaps a looksie from some legal representation for both parties.They should totally be rushing that, right?
  • Ever since learning the name of his lead actress, he and Jennifer has been having a contest to see who is the superior Lawrence – Jennifer is winning. Francis is bitter.
  • He got so excited that he went to scout out a location for the clock arena, where he accidentally stumbled upon an animal testing faculty and is now being held captive by super-intelligent monkey mutts – MOST LIKELY SCENARIO!

Somewhere deep inside, we’re kind of flipping out. But the adult inside us, who we imagine is much less prevalent than the adult in others, tells us to relax. These things take time. We usually just don’t know about them because there isn’t such a strict time schedule.

Tick tock, tick tock…

The Girl With The Pearl

** Rationalizing is NOT what we do best by any means.



  1. I vote this scenario -> “Or he’s afraid we’ll chase him with pitchforks if it’s not good, which is plausible.”

  2. Okay, so obviously the last scenario is really whats going on. What else could be happening? So, how many people are there working to get Lawerence free from the claws of the Monkey Mutts, and how can I help? We need Catching Fire soon and Lawerence can’t direct if he’s being held hostage by a bunch of stupid mutts…

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