So, You Think You’re…?

We don’t officially have a director yet, which is all kinds of frustrating. I know the media has been saying repeatedly “new director, new director!” However, Francis Lawrence hasn’t actually signed a contract yet. To me this means that all casting rumors are completely unfounded, because you can’t cast a film without having the approval of the director, and they don’t currently have one — at all. Sucks to be a fandom member right now by my count, because living in a state of limbo, like we are — is about as much fun as waiting to get your blood drawn at the doctor, or a pelvic exam if you just happen to be female (trust me, those exams are no picnic). Limbo or not, we’re stuck here until Mr. Lawrence, or somebody else, has signed that contract, and then pre production is going to start with the full force of a grade 3 hurricane. Yep, blustering and potentially deadly, just the way we like it, right? Watch out for falling trees, it just may be my soul losing all its roots.

Casting rumors, oh… my… god… casting rumors. They’re the worst thing to come out of this weird thing called the Internet since probably java script, or ridiculous meme’s that only make sense to a small group of people. If you’ve been, y’know — doing the whole living under a rock thing again, which I kind of wish I was right now, there was a pretty horrendous one permeating IMDB, Tumblr and yes, Twitter. Perhaps I was a little late in the game, but it confronted me head on the other day, honestly it felt like getting slammed in the back of the head with a sack of potatoes. So, just imagine that for a tick… okay done? Good. IT HURT MY SOUL! This actor/singer

No comment. Just, I can't even...

songwriter, tall, and rugged looking, kept tweeting about how he’s been cast as Finnick. Now, I don’t frequent the Catching Fire IMDB page all that often, because frankly there’s nothing on it usually except three returning principle cast members names, and the names of the executive producers. I must have been sleeping, or contemplating my navel, because this actor’s name has been popping up on the page allegedly for weeks (I never saw it once), because someone with an IMDB pro account kept putting it up there. It was quickly disputed that the rumors were false as well, as reported by Hypable. Poor form I say to whomever perpetuated this our right lie, just solid poor form. I don’t know why anyone would do this, but I do know from past experiences that names like David Tennant and Leonard Nimoy were magically put on the cast list of The Hobbit films way back a couple of years ago. I believe last year the same thing kept happening with The Hunger Games cast list, but I honestly cannot remember which character, or characters, kept getting cast with names that held absolutely no water. I do remember the rumor that John C. Reilly was cast as Haymitch, which I think would have been amazing. And then some girl on Twitter said she’d been cast as the Avox Girl, there were more I’m sure — but who wants to focus on The Hunger Games anymore? Been there, done that, seen it four times, it’s all about Catching Fire, yo!

I don’t know about the next person, but I’m not believing a casting announcement unless it’s coming straight from Lionsgate or a reputable entertainment news source — and no one should ever, EVER believe a random actor tweeting during primetime on a Sunday night, when he says he’s been cast in one of the most coveted roles for a young actor since possibly Spider-Man, Batman, and Superman combined. Well, to me Finnick is all those things, mind?

Grains of salt my friends, grains of salt.

Them There Eyes



  1. Yeah, I think everyone pretty much assumed Francis Lawrence is the director. Like you mentioned, he hasn’t officially accepted the position, but I think the desired effect of the news, the fans knowing someone was offered, reassured/calmed us down a bit. I’m sure if we don’t get official word in a week or so, we’ll start getting anxious again.

    I agree with you about the actor’s tweet about getting the Finnick role. No director no casting yet! I betcha he’s just riding the THG success to get attention or at least get on the radar for the role when casting time comes. Also, I know hopes died when we found out Armie is not available in Fall, but here’s news to cheer ya up, Carey Mulligan, recently dropped out of a role in a Spike Jonze movie due to schedule conflict and Rooney Mara took her place. Hopefully once things start rolling with the CF movie, Armie might still consider it. Wishful thinking here…

    1. Yeah — people drop out of films all the time, and that’s pretty much the only thing keeping me hoping that Lionsgate offers Armie the opportunity to play Finnick, and he just takes it. It’s iffy considering that the film he’s on for in the Fall is a starring role. But Finnick is FINNICK. Hmm Carey Mulligan would make an amazing Johanna, no?

      1. Ugh, it’s a lead role? Now it’s just going to be more difficult to see him give that up for Finnick. Finnick is Finnick and I think most actors would be ecstatic to play such a complex character. However, whoever gets Finnick will be attached to that role for like 3 years(?). Would Armie be interested in that long of a commitment? Le sigh~ Why did I have to jump on the Armie for Finnick bandwagon so late? I didn’t get to enjoy it long enough before my hopes were dash.

        I like Carey Mulligan. I’m not sure about Johanna though because Johanna comes off as tough. Someone like Evan Rachel Wood fits Johanna. I can see Carey as Annie though.

  2. I do hope Jennifer will still be on the sequel. She did a pretty good job in the first movie. *crossing my fingers*

  3. Something is wrong here. Lawrence was rumored to want the job before he was offered it, yet a week goes by and we hear nothing about whether he’s accepted? The studio should’ve already confirmed his acceptance, followed by a statement from Lawrence on his excitement at getting the job, his respect for Ross’s work, and his familiarity with and fidelity to the source material. The forum is treating this as confirmed, but I don’t think it is. Maybe Lawrence declined and they’ve decided to push production until next year, or delay release until 2014?

    1. Don’t get my hopes up! I personally think they’re rushing everything, and it’s going to ruin the process, right down to the catering. Seriously, this is supposed to be a film on par with HP and LOTR, and they want to do pre production in less than 4 months, and production in seemingly less than 4 as well. Most films of this magnitude need 6 months of pre, and 5 + months for production. Their entire process is making me insanely nervous for the integrity of the film, and the quality of their respect for the material. I think they need to halt production until next summer, it would put the pressure off of a lot of people, including the cast, and absolutely on the serious fandom members who are just baffled by how weirdly this is all going.

      1. ITA. I would rather wait longer for a quality movie than have this thing be an embarrassment to the fandom – and by extension to the actors – when it comes out. I think the studio has a bad read on the fans – probably driven by greed – assuming we want something SOONEST!!1! rather than something good.

  4. The worst part is that this guy is RTing people who are congratulating him on getting the job and acting like the rumors are the most fabulous thing on Earth. I seriously doubt that they would cast without a confirmed director and even if this fool was cast, hopefully Lionsgate would fire his ass simply for being so pompous about it. If he were cast, he legally COULD NOT say anything, yet he’s posting left and right, insinuating that he has the role.

    1. I assume he’s just trying to build momentum for a fan campaign, but I think he may not be considering that what he’s doing could be legally actionable too. I guess if it is, he’ll find out the hard way. I assume anyone who auditions is barred from commenting, whether or not any casting decision has been made?

      1. Oh, it’s totally borderline illegal what he’s doing, especially if he’s in fact auditioned for the role. But NO ONE has auditioned for the role as far, as I know people have only pre-auditioned — which I’ve never really understood the concept behind that. I think it’s like a “cattle call” audition, where they look at people only physically, and if they think they fit the description, then they get called back for a real audition. It’s all so demeaning, and personally I think he doesn’t fit the description at all.

    2. Y’know, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s the one who kept putting his own name on the cast list. I started following him on Twitter, just to see what was up — and he sent out a DM to everyone who follows him directing people to his Facebook so they could listen to samples of his music, and thus be enticed to BUY his music. It’s so self serving, which I guess is the nature of Twitter for some professionals, but I just think he’s going about things completely wrong. He’s not thinking things through if he’s believing that creating a fan-frenzy for him as Finnick, is going to get him in good with the studio. If I were a studio rep, I’d Black List him.

      1. LOL, yeah, I don’t think he gets how to do promotion the right way. What was with the rapid succession of tweets that were nothing but pictures of him? Skeeve City.

  5. Is it bad to say that this guy looks a little more like Finnick to me than some of the other major names being thrown around? Alex Pettyfer, Channing Tatum, Taylor Kitsch, etc.– I just can’t get behind any of those!

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