Brooke Bundy and The Real World Behind The Hunger Games

Every now and again, we come across something in the media that changes our perspective about The Hunger Games film and movie making in general. That happened to us about five days ago when we caught wind of a interview entitled “Day Drinking With The Hunger Games Actress Brooke Bundy”.

Naturally, we were drawn in by the “day drinking” bit, but then we focused in on Brooke Bundy.

Stop! Take a moment? Who does Brooke Bundy play in The Hunger Games movie?

Brooke Bundy Octavia The Hunger Games

Brooke Bundy

Brooke Bundy plays Octavia, a member of Katniss’ prep team who gets roughly the same screen time as some of the tributes. The funny thing is, we’re told to focus on the young actors who played the tributes in all their glory for about 30 seconds each, and thus we ignore other awesome actors who only had a small part, like Brooke.

What’s amazing about this interview is that Brooke did it with an old friend. The two attended Tisch together. You may have heard of Tisch because 1) It was once a dream of yours to take part in NYU’s art program but you could only afford a state school or 2) Jack Quaid famously attends.

But back to Brooke:

She rushed breathlessly up to me in the sports bar we were meeting as if she was late, which she was not, and gave me a huge hug. She had taken the subway from Red Hook, where she had just interviewed for a restaurant job.

Brooke Bundy Celebuzz

Courtesy of

Yup. You read that right. Brooke Bundy just had a role in what will likely be the biggest film of the year and will hopefully be taking part in the next two to three films (depending on which rumors you believe), but in between, she’s just hoping to waitress at a micro-brewery. Our brains almost exploded when we realized that someone involved with something so awesome as The Hunger Games is looking a regular ol’ day job.

Brooke also tells Crushable that she was on set for about three weeks to shoot her super quick scene with the other stylists, and even that had originally been pushed back.

“I expected it to feel more controlled. People think it’s a shiny adventure [to make movies], but it’s so messy. No matter how much money’s involved, it’s just people fighting to get things done in time, just like it is in little indie stuff.”

Of course, you know she’s not lying. The directors and stars to the world may not always admit to it, but being on a film set must be chaos. Who’s reigning in the chaos and working around it day and night? A bunch of regular people like me and you who also happen to work in the nitty gritty areas of film that we don’t glorify. When filming is over, they’re just looking to move on to the next gig, whether it be construction, hair and makeup, or waitressing at Red Hook. Bless ’em!

Here’s To The Overlooked (But Still Amazing) People,
The Girl With The Pearl


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