Dear Hunger Games Fandom, Quit Ya Bitchin’!

The Hunger Games has been out for nearly a month now! How did that happen?!

For the most part, we all loved the films, though there’s a fair share of haters out there too. As our buddy Adam pointed out on Hunger Games Fireside Chat last night, a lot of critics think it’s good, but not great. We totally believe in critiquing. “Critique” is my middle name (actually, it’s Mary… but whatever!) No human being has ever watched a movie and agreed with every single thing they see. Even most directors wish they’d made certain changes to their films after the fact.

We’re cool with people having some problems with the film. We’re not going to kill anyone for wishing for less shaky cam or wanting to see certain scenes from the book added in. What we’re NOT cool with are the people who complain about every. single. detail. that changed between the book and the film. The day the movie sucked because of these insignificant details.

To these people, we say “QUIT YA BITCHIN’!”



For instance, here are some of the types of complaints we’re talking about:

  • Josh Hutcherson didn’t wear blue contacts.
  • The Cornucopia wasn’t gold.
  • The number of tributes killed at the Cornucopia changed.
  • Hovercrafts didn’t immediately pick up the bodies of fallen tributes.
  • We didn’t see Prim’s goat, Lady.
  • There was no lamb stew in the Capitol nor the Arena.
  • Lionsgate did not starve hundreds of children, so they didn’t look as emaciated as described in the book.
  • Katniss did not spend nearly a day in the Arena on the brink of total dehydration.
  • Peeta did not get half-naked when Katniss looked at his wounds.
  • Caesar Flickerman did not wear extremely heavy blue eyeshadow and lipstick.

Repeat: We have actually seen people say the movie SUCKED because these elements were different. As in the change/exclusion ruined the whole movie for them.

We have a bone to pick with complaints like these simply because, while very cool, they are not in any way essential to the storyline. Was Josh Hutcherson a less effective Peeta with hazel eyes? Did we care less about Prim because we never see her goat? Is District 12 less desolate a place because the film production didn’t encourage anorexia in children and teens? The answer to all of these is NO.

If we could make the movie, it would feature ALL THE DETAILS no matter how inane. It would also be 7 hours long and painful to watch.

While the movie, like all book-to-film adaptations, did leave fans wishing for more, let’s all given them a break on the stupid, extraneous details. You are not going to die just because Cato’s final speech took place on a silvery-black Cornucopia structure instead a gold one.

Breathe In, Breathe Out.. LET IT GO.
The Girl With The Pearl



  1. I loved the movie. I think it’s a story people will be talking about for a long time. I did mind the Cornucopia being black and square-like as opposed to tube-like as I imagined it and I honestly don’t know why but I minded so I’ll let my stupid brain slide for this one. But in no way did it ruin the movie. I didn’t like the shaky cam either but I’ve never liked that before. Again did not ruin the movie. It was just too good for anything to ruin it. All the other changes did not bother me in the slightest! I also hadn’t read the book in 6 months prior to seeing it so that may influence my perception!

  2. For me it was the ending that “ruined” it for me, not all the minor details that didn’t matter. And yet, I still liked it overall, cause I’m such a fangirl. lol

  3. I honestly really wanted Peeta to get half-naked while Katniss fixed his wounds…BUT we can’t always get what we want!

  4. I want to first say that Nicole IS ABSOLUTELY RIGHT….MORE NAKED PEETA!!

    But that may make me sound pervy. Don’t care. I love the Boy with the Bread.

    To all those that complain, major plot point in the most successful movie franchise OF ALL TIME…Harry Potter has his mothers eyes…Daniel Radcliffe doesn’t have green eyes, he has blue and they didn’t change that but it also didn’t change the success. So SHUT IT!!

  5. I’d have to disagree with the fact of starvation. Essentially, there was no real *hunger* in the hunger games movie. I’m not saying to fill the screen with sickly looking children, just accentuate the fact that food wasn’t a luxury in most of the districts (especially 12). It almost seemed like Katniss and Gale hunted just for sport and the advantage that the poorer districts had in the arena because of their ability to go days without food was lost (wasn’t that essentially the reason Katniss wanted to destroy the Careers’ supplies?). And what about the tesserae? The fact that Prim’s chances were much lower of being reaped because Katniss ensured that she provided the food for their family? The majority of District 12 was subjected to higher odds in exchange for a meager supply of grain and oil! But I’m sure you all know this. I’m just saying that the lack of hunger in this movie was disappointing.

    Aside from that, who cares about the little details? I point to the bigger ones, like the shortness of the actual games (it seemed as if they spent too much time building up to it) or the lack of relationship development with Peeta and Katniss. I went to the movie with a friend who hadn’t read the book and she commented on the lack of chemistry with the two and how Gale seemed like a much better match for Katniss. I don’t blame her, because there seemed to be no real feelings between the two (not that there was much time to develop it).

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