Detention: Not Just A Slasher Movie

And now for something completely different!

No, really, we’re not going to talk about director stuff today. Mostly because we’ve exhausted the subject AND talking about it too much only makes us anxious. Today, though, we’re going to talk about that other Josh Hutcherson movie (sort of) out right now: Detention.

Living in Los Angeles has its perks since I was able to find a theater – yes, one theater in all of LA – playing it. That’s how platform releases are. Oh and this theater, while being an AMC, is so tucked away that we couldn’t figure out where it was at first and I likened it to a bomb shelter.

Josh Hutcherson and his costar Shanley Caswell described the movie as if Back to the Future, The Breakfast Club, Scream, The Fly and Freaky Friday had a baby. Sounds kind of insane, right? Well, that is a pretty accurate description of the movie. And yes, the movie is insane.

I can guarantee you that whatever clips and trailers you’ve seen for this movie do not accurately show how off-the-wall Detention is from start to finish. Anyone pigeon-holing the movie as a straight up slasher film is doing the movie a disservice. By the way, the slasher vibe you get from the trailer is so not the tone of the movie. It’s is more like if there was a psycho killer let loose in the Scott Pilgrim world. Many genres are at least touched on, and those genres’ tropes are hilariously exploited. And if you love the 90s and some camp, you might enjoy it.

I won’t give anything away, but the movie can be confusing. Just go with it. It’ll all come together by the time the credits roll. And the humor is not for everyone, but if it makes a difference, I, along with everyone I was with, thought it was incredibly hilarious.


Detention’s director is Joseph Kahn, who – if you’re the right age – you’d recognize from late 90s/early 00’s Making the Video episodes. I could tell the director is from the music video world with the way the movie was shot and edited, giving the movie an unconventional style.

And I must mention Josh Hutcherson – this is, after all, a Hunger Games site. You picked a hell of a movie to executive produce, dude.

With a little help, Detention could very well become a cult classic. So I encourage you, if you are lucky enough to be anywhere near a theater that’s playing Detention (psst… if you’re in LA, head to Burbank) and if any of what I said appeals to you, bring an open mind and some buddies with you and go see it. The movie is not for everyone (Kahn even said that), but if it turns out to be for you, it’ll be a fun ride.

I’ve seen it twice already



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