The Hunger Games Inbox Cocktail!

Even though we’re a relatively quiet site compared to our rowdy fansite friends, we still get A LOT of e-mail. Believe it or not, most of it is NOT hate mail or spam! Some of it is actually pretty great!

Unfortunately, we work on very specific topics from day to day, so we don’t always have time to feature all the cool stuff we get!

So today, we’re taking everything in our inbox that’s amused us recently and posting it HERE. Then we’ll probably delete it from our inbox (Sorry, senders! WE STILL LOVE YOU!)

Without further ado.. BE AMUSED!

THE BEST HUNGER GAMES CAST INTERVIEW YOU WILL EVER SEE. Also, you probably won’t find it on any other fansite because it’s totally NSFW!

Hate the BR reference… LOVE EVERYTHING ELSE!

The Hunger Games Examiner talks to Lauren Conrad about the fake reality television show in The Hunger Games compares to her fake reality show experience

We Has Trailer for Jennifer Lawrence’s New Horror Flick (Well, MTV does!)

Okay, we’re cheating.. this one was never in our inbox, but it features Tiffany and may just be the most epic Gary Ross Is Boss video yet, so WE DON’T CARE!


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