April Fools?

Beckett just gets me.

Yesterday I saw a status update from a friend of mine that kind of made me turn my head to the side and say “what?” Let me set the scene for you first — this is about the fan fervor, clamor, INSANITY that’s been surrounding the fantasy casting of the beloved, handsome, and complex character of none other than Finnick Odair. You all should know by now who my pick is in this supposed rat race, and now I am regretting using the word rat, but it’s out there in the ether — festering. Right then, if you don’t know — I’m pro Armie Hammer for the role, and I think he has a better chance than your average actor, I refuse to say why, and what, and wherefore, if you need know, go here, and then read this, and this, and if you’re enthused and so inclined go here as well. Yay, that’s done.

About the status update! Apparently over the April Fools non holiday, some strategic Wikipedia page editing was going down, namely on the Garrett Hedlund page, aka probably the second favorite amongst Finnick Odair fantasy casting enthusiasts. I say second favorite, because numbers don’t lie. The editing, which I sadly wish I had a screen capture of, was doctoring his filmography to say that he’d been cast as Finnick in Catching Fire. Obviously it’s not true, and since last night it’s been edited to its proper order. Sadly, the Armie Hammer enthusiasts weren’t above this methodology either though, ’cause behold… some people retaliated in kind! Please click on the picture to make it bigger.

Um, okay — well, how do I react to this, guys? Okay fine, I’ll react bluntly! This is trivial, people, and as a person who is staunch supporter for the idea of this actor being cast in that role, I say, I hope this never happens again — unless of course it’s for real. I don’t know how anyone can think this is funny, or smart, or both — ’cause it’s not. Why? ‘Cause it makes whomever took the time to shamelessly abuse their Wikipedia account, look like a screamingly shortsighted individual, and the same goes for the Garrett Hedlund fan who went in repeatedly and changed his page too. You know how the media keeps painting Hunger Games fan as young, young, and more young girls? Well  — this week they were proven right! Thanks, from the bottom of my almost 30 year-old heart! Word to the wise, rise to the occasion, don’t abuse your internet privileges, ’cause they are privileges, believe you me I could go into a whole lecture on net neutrality that would make your poor hearts bleed. Ah, also — you just proved how glaringly true it is that you can’t believe a damn thing written on Wikipedia. Speaking of which, I hope someone smart gets a hold of The Hunger Games Wikipedia page, it’s really badly written in my opinion.

I hope Garrett or Armie never learn of this episode.

Them There Eyes


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