My Last Act of Speculation

The Friday before The Hunger Games world premiere in LA, I was invited to Celebuzz to film a ‘Scenes We’re Dying to See’ piece for their 100 Days of Hunger Games.

The scene that I came in to discuss was the final showdown with Cato, Katniss and Peeta on top of the Cornucopia and the muttations. We went a little into speculating what we would see from Cato as a character in the movies and what the muttations could possibly look like.

As you’re probably aware – since you’ve read the book, right? – when Cato falls off the Cornucopia to be tortured by the mutts, you see in him his humanity and the fact that he is not a villain but also a victim of the Games. When the movie comes out, we won’t be in Katniss’s head like we are in the books so how we might find compassion for Cato in the movie was a very interesting thing to me.


And yes, I have now seen the movie and can now go ‘Damn, I was wrong!” or “Ha! Right on the money!” while watching this. And forgive this one tease before the movie is released at midnight tonight: Alexander Ludwig pulled it off. I have not been able to sing my praises for his portrayal of Cato more, and the scene did NOT disappoint.

Also many thanks to Celebuzz and Taryn Ryder for including us in their 100 Days of Hunger Games!

Liv it up



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