Are We Really?

The Hunger Games has slowly been being released all over the world these last couple of days, those who live on the other side of the International Dateline who had a release date of the 21st, have had the film in their theatres for about a day. Tomorrow night the US has its wide release at 12 midnight, and I for one will be at in one of those many, many, many theatres — this time in more comfortable clothes, and no fake lashes — promise. After this weekend no one with an internet connection, television with basic cable or basic network access, a Facebook account, a Twitter account, subscriptions to mainstream newspapers or entertainment geared magazines — have absolutely no excuse not to know what The Hunger Games is. After this weekend, we will, you will have an absolute right to say to people who ask “what’s The Hunger Games?” with a bewildered clueless look on their face, “have you been living under a rock?” Although, I don’t recommend going that route, because it may turn out to be your grandmother, in that case — please don’t be mean to grandma, grandma’s tired.

The question on my lips is this though — are we ready? Many of you are going to say a resounding, emphatic, boisterous (can I fit another adjective in here, can I really…?) YES! And then a small itty bitty group will so, no. I’ve already seen the film, so I know what everyone is in for, but I don’t know how everyone is going to react, especially the people who aren’t fans already. I can only hope that the newbies who get dragged to the theatre by friends, or hopefully the newbies who go to the theatre without being dragged at all, come away thinking — this is fucking awesome, I need to read all the books now, no really right now. In fact, I hope more than 80 percent of people who have not read the books before seeing the film, immediately go to the closest bookstore and buy all three books. We all know that copies will not be hard to find, in fact in many cases they’re not even only on display in the YA section of stores anymore, they’re just right out there in the general fiction section sitting amongst other books in the dystopian genre, yep — right next to Brave New World and Fahrenheit 451.

Again, after this weekend people have literally no excuse not to know what the film is, or the series, and then subsequently I suspect an even bigger fervor will begin — for Catching Fire. 


Them There Eyes



  1. I am super excited. I love that people I were bugging for years to read the book went out and bought it once they saw the movie trailers. I love that male moviephiles came over to ask questions once the movie buzz got out. I think the team did an amazing job of making it accessible to all groups, to see the larger story behind the futuristic dystopia. So the answer is hell yes! The world is watching.

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