Review: The Hunger Games Adventures

When fans first started discussing a Hunger Games-based video game, it put us on edge. We were expecting mindless violence and censorship and parent protests and all the things we don’t want connected to The Hunger Games.

Thankfully, Lionsgate and Funtactix came up with THE HUNGER GAMES ADVENTURES, a quest-based game taking place in District 12, completely bloodshed-free. You can customize your own virtual citizen of Panem. get quests from Katniss, Peeta, Gale, and Haymitch, trade in The Hob, create your own forest escape, collect goods, and more!

The Hunger Games Adventures Archery Practice

Archery Practice!

Lucky for us, we were given the opportunity to play a Beta version of the game over these past few days!

The Hunger Games Adventures Katniss Peeta Bread

Get some bread from Peeta!

We’re a little ashamed to admit that we’ve probably spent a little too much time playing this game, but it was so easy. This game is not scary or intense, but it’s not a children’s game. It is strangely addicting! You don’t realize how long you’re playing until you finally stop for a breather, look at the clock and say “Was I seriously just playing for that long?

THE HUNGER GAMES ADVENTURES is a game in the same vein of Farmville or Frontierville, but with less maintenance. You don’t have to check your game every few hours to make sure nothing dies and/or fails, so you can actually have a social life too!

Want a chance to play for yourself? Go to our Facebook page and write on our wall, telling us the ways that you would help out around District 12 if you were a citizen! Give us your answer by 5pm EST on Tuesday, March 20 and the 5 most creative will win Beta access to the game!



  1. ooh I’ve been curious about this. Glad you thought it was fun, hmm now if I am going to risk another time suck or not

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