The Most Expensive Movie I’ve Ever Seen

By now you all hopefully know that Twiffidy and I went to the world premiere of The Hunger Games this Monday in Los Angeles. I’d tell you loads about the film, and what happens, and what doesn’t — but I’m not a spoiler giver-outer (yep, it’s a word!), and we’re also not allowed. I will however tell you other things, like — in all honesty, it was probably the most expensive movie I’ve ever gone and seen, ever. Now, I don’t mean the cost of the making of the film in and of its self, because come on — I saw Avatar, so that award goes to that film — not The Hunger Games. Nope, I mean the cost of getting ready to see the film, getting to the place where the film would be presented, and then everything else, possibly the therapy that I’ll need, who knows?

First off, I’ve known I was going to the premiere since early last month, and immediately after that I started going to the gym every, single, day up until the day before I left for Los Angeles. I lost 12 lbs by the time I left, and had gone down a dress size and a half, and all because I knew where I’d be in less than 6 weeks. Can I just say this? It was super hard going to the gym everyday, it was hard eating 1,200 calories a day (sometimes less, if I’m honest), it was hard drinking more water than I’m used to, but y’know what — being able to fit into clothes that have been hiding in my closet for 3 years, that’s what made it worth it, the movie maybe too, just maybe.

Just how much did I spend on this venture though? If you’re interested at all, please continue to read, and you’ll learn just how much it costs to be a regular person who’s been invited to go to a Hollywood movie premiere.

1. Appointment with a personal trainer — $70.
2. Round Trip Airfare from Portland, Oregon — the land of rain, trees, and people who walk to places instead of driving — to Los Angeles, California, where the trees look like telephone poles, it doesn’t rain, and the people don’t walk anywhere for fear of some unknown things, perhaps Godzilla — Around $200 +.
3. Calvin Klein dress from Macy’s — 90 something dollars (thank you, after Christmas sales!)
4. Alterations on dress by friend — free.
5. More Alterations on dress, because it was later discovered that it in fact needed its lining intact, but unfortunately I’d had my friend remove it after she’d removed and then reattached the zipper — $50.
6. Hair cut — $55.
7. Manicure — $12 + tip, so actually $17.
8. Eyebrow wax. $9 + tip, $14.
9. Fake lashes from Sephora — $9.
10. Professional makeup application — $63 which included a 15% tip.
11. Cutting the professionally installed lining out of my dress with a serrated steak knife whilst in a strikingly pink bathroom, in a beautifully appointed and decorated flat in Los Angeles, because it wouldn’t fit past my hips — ALL MY DIGNITY.
12. Feeling like Katniss, because I’d just cut the lining out of my dress with a freakin’ steak knife — PRICELESS.
13. Meeting almost all the people I’d been communicating with pretty much on a daily basis for nearly a year — also — PRICELESS.

14. Seeing the film I’ve been obsessing over for over a year, with the people who’d made it in the room with me, also Neil Gaiman as well, along with some of my now officially dearest friends — immeasurable.

Them There Eyes



    1. Just think, you were in your Capitol Shore Flat bedroom, trying not to throw up, and I was down the hall cutting up my dress, trying not to freak out! Bonding, it’s all about the bonding.

    1. Oh, I didn’t meet Gaiman! I wish I had, I found out Wednesday that he was there, and I promptly freaked out, tweeted him, and magically he tweeted me back saying no one met him, they were all busy. I vow to meet him next time! Oh, and pictures, we weren’t allowed to take our cameras or phones into the theatre, if that’s what you mean.

      1. Gaiman is amazing about tweeting.
        I was curious if anyone said anything about your lashes. And pic wise i meant one of you all done up. After the details about hair and makeup, I was kind of expecting a full length red-carpetish pose showing off was all. πŸ™‚

  1. Sounds like you had a great time, I am sure all that was worth it. I am eternally jealous of all the fun the fansite people and fandom members had!! If I was a 16 year old high school student I would have been right at that premiere!

    I will be at one of the Mockingjay premieres FOR SURE. Because at that point I’ll be almost, if not 20 and legal and able to travel on my own πŸ˜€

    Oh and by the way- those lashes are AMAZING.

    1. You have to come to the Mockingjay premiere, I vow to be there as well! Those lashes are amazing, I think I’ll invest in about two more pairs!

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