VICTOR’S VILLAGE CONTEST #2: Seneca Crane’s Beard!

Out of every little detail we’ve seen of The Hunger Games so far, nothing has its own cult following quite like Seneca Crane’s beard.

There are memes, tweets, and forum posts aplenty trying to describe and celebrate its curvy, stylish beauty. While they’re all well and good, we’re more interest in your personal interpretation!

The Hunger Games Seneca Crane beard Wes Bentley



1. SEND US A PHOTO OF YOU SPORTING YOUR OWN “SENECA CRANE’S BEARD” TO BY MARCH 20, ALONG WITH YOUR FIRST NAME AND LOCATION! All entries will be posted on the site and voted upon by fans. The winner will be determined by those votes on March 23!

2. ACTUAL FACIAL HAIR NOT NECESSARY. Not all of us can grow a beard (and some who can just prefer not to), so participants are fully encouraged to make their own “beard” out of something like make-up, marker, felt, construction paper, yarn, or whatever other material they feel comfortable with! There’s only one exception there…

3. THE BEARD CANNOT BE PHOTOSHOPPED. It’s just too easy! We need a a photo of your with something physically stuck to your face!



  • Personalized Coffee Mug from’s Hunger Games store! Your very own custom Hunger Games mug that your can show off whenever you feel like talking about the fandom! What could be better?
  • The Girl Who Was on Fire (Movie Edition)! If ever you want to pick up a companion book about The Hunger Games, this one is the place to start! It offers smart analysis of the series coming from real authors not just professional companion book writers!
  • The Unofficial Hunger Games Cookbook! How cool is this?! We expect you to bake us something delicious once you win!

If you missed the first contest we announced as part of our big celebration leading up to The Hunger Games movie premiere, click here to check it out!


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