Hunger Games Fireside Chat Drinking Game

It’s Monday, y’all! You know what that means!


We don’t know about you, but we get pretty psyched for the show. Before last week’s special Saturday episode, some hilarious listeners started naming some conditions for a drinking game based on the show. And because we take everything way too far…

Victor’s Village presents…
The Hunger Games Fireside Chat Drinking Game!

Your poison of choice (or, you know, water..)
One regular glass
One shot glass
An underwhelming sense of dignity

Take a gulp…
Every time someone goes completely off-topic

Every time someone makes a comparison to Harry Potter or Twilight

Every time someone misses their cue when asked to give an opinion

We expect your cup o' booze to be THAT BIG.

Every time Mary from Down With The Capitol is mentioned in conjunction with Haymitch

Every time Kait shows up late and Princess Buttercup’s theme awkwardly cuts someone off, making her feel kind of bad even though she loves the sound effect

Every time Adam gives a random shout out or makes a joke no one else gets

Every time Savanna mentions how much time is left in the show because it’s reeeeally close to being cut off

Down the glass…
Every time somebody following the #HGFiresidechat tag says something so awesome that a panelist repeats it on air

Every time someone’s phone gets disconnected and they have to call back

Every time someone forgets to mute their phone before having an off-air conversation

Take a shot…
Every time Adam and Savanna have a moment of debate that makes you think “Mom and Dad are fighting again!”

Every time a panelist agrees with everyone else, but decides to play devil’s advocate just because

Every time someone suggests they will marry one of the actors in the film

Every time someone suggests they’ll somehow interact with a fictional character (outside of Cave, Marry, Kill segments)

There it is ladies and gents! HG Fireside Chat is already super fun, but this will make it a little more interesting, especially for the 21+ crowd!

Let us add that this game is NOT ENDORSED by the hosts of HGFC! They’d probably shake their heads somewhat amusedly at this, but then remind everyone that they do not encourage anyone to partake in excessive drinking. ‘Cause they’re responsible like that. We’re not.

Happy Drinking Games!
The Girl With The Pearl


  1. I might not drink alcohol but I will have a caffeine hangover (plus a hunger games hangover) when I get up tomorrow! Soooo playing this! 😀
    (but you know that now that it’s out, most of this won’t actually happen…..unless they prove me wrong!)

  2. Thank you! This is hilarious! I actually came here because of them. I have actually gone back all the way to the first post, I really like the way the posts are written (: They should really stop apologizing about the length of the episodes, because I love them just the way they turn out… Around 90 mins long. That ‘s an excellent length.

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