REACTION: The Hunger Games Trailer!

It’s our favorite type of post EVER: Reaction time! Twiffidy couldn’t make it to this one, but since she got to talk about her trailer experience before we even knew WTF the trailer looked like, we’ll cut her some slack! It’s took us a good long chat to react to everything properly, therefore most of this post is behind the cut!


Them There Eyes: Okay, the color palette. It seemed like people were wary of it for some reason. The color choices were clearly chosen to illustrate that The Districts are a more organic place, browns, greens, blues, grays, neutrals.
The Girl With The Pearl: I think it’s nice that every scene has a distinct look and it differs in the changing environments. The color isn’t the same from regular D12 to the reaping to the training room to the interview. They all have their own feel.
Them There Eyes: Exactly. And everything just becomes sharper once they get to The Capitol. Like BAM! Jewel tones! It literally has a Dorothy coming out of her house into Oz feel.


The Girl With The Pearl: Ridiculous or ridiculous: the number of people upset that Katniss’ hunting jacket fits her well, because that means it probably wasn’t her father’s. Unless her father was a very tiny man.
Them There Eyes: I dunno, I don’t think it matters in the long run.. she’s got his bow, that’s enough for me. That or she washed that thing and it shrunk. Leather shrinks in water.
The Girl With The Pearl: It was a laundry mishap, people!
Them There Eyes: I am getting so irritated with the people saying she looks too clean!
TGWTP: She’s poor, but she’s not homeless! She doesn’t roll around in dirt and not bathe all day!
Them There Eyes: I literally saw a comment on the IMDB Facebook under the bow and arrow photo released last week, where they said ‘she’s too clean!’ and last I looked it was ‘liked’ 8 times.
TGWTP: *facepalm*

Gale Prim The Reaping Liam Hemsworth Willow Shields



TGWTP: I may not hate Liam Hemsworth in this movie. I thought I would, but he’s kind of winning me over
Them There Eyes: I may not hate him either, he’s earnest and actually kind of sweet.
TGWTP: Turns out he CAN act. It’s just easier when not based off a Nicholas Sparks book.
Them There Eyes: We completely understand that he cares deeply about her, but I do not get a romance vibe… it’s very brotherly.
TGWTP: Exactly. He wasn’t all sexy voiced, as if he were really saying “I will sweep you off your feet and care for you forever!”
Them There Eyes: No, it was pep talk voice. Reassurance before romance. He’s losing his best friend. Oh wow… I stopped the video right at the still point we’ve seen forever, Gale At the Reaping.
TGWTP: It’s so great to have that still IN CONTEXT. When he picked up Prim at the reaping.. I just wanted to crawl into a hole and DIE.
Them There Eyes: Oh, and Effie’s shoes are Epic.
TGWTP: YES. Though I don’t buy a lot of movie products, I would not object to those being sold in stores.
Them There Eyes: I cannot wait to see that in full, I think a film that can make you cry within the first 20 minutes is a good film. That means An American Tail is a really good film.
TGWTP: Indeed it is!

Josh Hutcherson Peeta Mellark Sensitive Baker Problems


Them There Eyes: Okay, it has to be said, even though it’s been said a million times before… Josh’s face. He says what… one line in the whole trailer, but he says so much just with his facial expressions alone that he doesn’t need to open his mouth and use his voice.
TGWTP: Josh and Jennifer both have this natural ability to say so much with just a glance. When they both were up on the stage looking at each other after being reaped? MINDPLOSION!
Them There Eyes: She’s all stoic, and he’s just losing it. It’s fucking fantastic.
TGWTP: Am I creepy for having the hots for someone who could easily be my little brother?
Them There Eyes: I know! I’m in the same boat. He’s a really cute guy, and I feel like a total cradle robber thinking he’s attractive.


Them There Eyes: It takes a world wide apocalypse for North America to get Bullet Trains?!
TGWTP: I know right?! Panem can barely operate cars yet they finally get national high-speed rails and hovercrafts?! Though the hovercraft kind of just looks like a blimp.
Them There Eyes: I have no idea what that hovercraft looks like. I don’t know what a hovercraft looks like so I can’t really judge it.
TGWTP: I was expecting a much larger version of the things Syndrome’s minions chase The Incredibles around in on his island. What do you mean, I watch too many Disney movies?!
Them There Eyes: I saw The Incredibles once… I can’t remember. I mostly remember a baby catching fire. Wow.
TGWTP: That was important to the storyline, in all fairness! The Capitol: Everything you ever dreamed of?
Them There Eyes: My visions for it were pretty spot on. I wanted a mix between the Fifth Element, Wizard of Oz and Blade Runner.

World of Warcraft

Doing film CGI.. just a WEE BIT more productive!

TGWTP: I feel like everyone is acting like this is the most inspirational image EVER and I’m just like “..Cool CGI, bro.” It’s a very obviously CGI heavy image. The mountains are a nice touch though!
Them There Eyes: Well, Asheville and Charlotte surely don’t look like that! I kind of wish they’d gone to Tokyo or Korea or Taiwan and got some shots of those super modern cities over there.
TGWTP: Ooooooh that would have been nice. I think I did picture the Capitol being Tokyo-esque.
Them There Eyes: But I guess they couldn’t afford it, or wanted to just build their own world on a computer. That being said, the sets in and of themselves, from what we can see anyway, are good.
TGWTP: There are plenty of people willing to spend all their time creating their own world on a computer without any pretense of using it in a movie, so I won’t judge these guys!
Them There Eyes: I wish we could have seen the Everdeen’s home… but I guess we’ll just have to wait.


TGWTP: I really did like the prep room.
Them There Eyes: Yeah, I like how clinical it is and that there’s NO privacy. I mean, if they strip those kids butt naked everyone sees including those Peacekeepers by the walls.
TGWTP: Imagine getting a full body wax with a stranger just a dividing wall away hearing every sound? I would NOT be a happy camper!
Them There Eyes: I know! It is literally like they’re commodities.
TGWTP: And CINNA! It was one line, but it thrilled me so!
Them There Eyes: I’m coming around, getting on the Kravitz train. I need to see more though.
TGWTP: Full steam ahead! I think out of all the clips we’ll likely see in the future, we’ll get Cinna clips because they’re not too spoilery.


Caesar's favorite product!


Them There Eyes: Ceasar Flickerman’s outfit, can we please just address how amazingly garish that thing is?
TGWTP: His pants shine like my heart did upon seeing them
Them There Eyes: I just went…. ‘THAT’S HOW YOU MAKE A MAN SPARKLE!!’
TGWTP: And that hair! The length, the color, the volume! There is definitely a bump-it under that wig!
Them There Eyes: Seriously… there’s your Twilight tie in… there is a sparkly man… only he doesn’t drink blood, and his hair is blue and he kind of looks like Michael Bolton. I’d wear that suit.
TGWTP: You think if I tried to wear that suit to work, they’d make me go home and change?
Them There Eyes: They would.
TGWTP: Fascists!


TGWTP: Any impressions on the interview dress?
Them There Eyes: Underwhelmed, but I’m taking into account the fact that hair, makeup and I think costume said that they tried to use everything they could from the book, but some things just didn’t translate to real life when they tried to actualize it… this may be the case with a jewel encrusted dress.
TGWTP: I’m hoping there’s some awesome effects on the dress that just didn’t make it into the trailer, because without that, it looks like a Versace ripoff from a black market in the alleyways of the Capitol.
Them There Eyes: Yeah, but in the grand scheme of things, it’s kind of an afterthought in comparison to hopefully how amazing the opening ceremonies outfits will be.
TGWTP: Very true! I’m glad those are being held out for later.

Meg Ryan Jack Quaid Boondocks Meme



TGWTP: Let’s talk other tributes!
Them There Eyes: Marvel? Considering what we know about Jack as well.
TGWTP: Jack Quaid is another one I’m in danger of crushing on. As Marvel, he knows he’s about to kill some bitches and HE LIKES IT.
Them There Eyes: Oh, I’m already there. I like Jack – I think Marvel is a freak of disgusting up bringing.
TGWTP: Oh Marvel is, for sure! But I enjoy how much HE enjoys being sadistic. Clearly, there’s something wrong with me.
Them There Eyes: I know… I love it, he’s like Dexter uncontrolled by Harry’s Code… with a spear.
TGWTP: That spear killed me. Not literally, of course. But speaking of literally, how about Rue?
Them There Eyes: Sweetest looking innocent child in the wrong place ever.
TGWTP: We saw Rue bring the cute factor and Prim bring all the sad. I was honestly expecting the opposite.
Them There Eyes: Really? I always considered Rue to be more of a beacon of hope when she gets to the Capitol and into the games.
TGWTP: But her story is the tragic one in this book. She’s cute, but when I think of her, I get all sad inside.
Them There Eyes: I get sad when I think of both of them, but that’s ’cause I’ve read all the books. Okay… Cato? Never to be pronounced Cah- toe.
TGWTP: Alexander Ludwig’s neck muscles are impressive.
TGWTP: Those things really did make him look mighty intimidating!
Them There Eyes: I said something like ‘I know it’s weird, but I want to know what @alexanderludwig’s neck measurements are. It’s freakin’ huge. Not a bad thing.’
TGWTP: And after watching him with that dummy, I only half-doubt his ability to decapitate someone in real life.
Them There Eyes: He could do it… but probably not for sport, think he’d rather go surfing.


Them There Eyes: I can’t wait to see that kid go crazy and kill that kid.
TGWTP: District 3 boy, who you sadly only see if you pause really quick?
Them There Eyes: I know, poor Ian.
TGWTP: I heart Ian in the little brother sense. Pedophilia ain’t cool ’round these parts!
Them There Eyes: Hell no… he’s a sweet kid, enthusiastic and engaged. I get worried when he tweets during school hours though.
TGWTP: Don’t let them catch you, Ian! It’s always a pain to get your phone back once a teacher confiscates it!
Them There Eyes: That or it turns into a scene from a bad Scarlett Johansson movie. I.E. One where she keeps her clothes on.
TGWTP: *shivers*

Woody Harrelson as Haymitch Abernathy The Hunger Games

Voila! From receding hairline to half a forehead!


TGWTP: I’m not gonna lie, I laughed when I saw Haymitch. It’s a bad shot of the wig.
Them There Eyes: I’m secretly hoping that in Catching Fire he rips that thing off his head in a big reveal during his withdrawal… like this is his big give up moment like Captain Hook in Hook
TGWTP: That would be fantastic! It’s not the worst wig I’ve seen, but it still feels out of place. Maybe because it’s halfway down his forehead
Them There Eyes: It is… they so should have reset that shot and pulled his wig back up!


TGWTP: Any final thoughts?
Them There Eyes: I can’t wait to see more.
TGWTP: Me either! But not too much!
Them There Eyes: Oh no, not too much! Just maybe her mom, or more of Cinna… a clip of the interviews. Effie getting mad at them. Peeta saying more than that one line… even though it was fantastic.


  1. That screenshot of Gale and Prim, I cannot stop looking at it. It is just too sad. Prim looks a lot younger than twelve in that shot and then there’s Gale being her big brother now that Katniss is as good as gone. Gah!

    Then there’s Peeta’s reaction at the Reaping…you guys are right, the look says it all. It also makes me wonder where the “boy with the bread” scene will come in. Will it be during this moment via a flashback or later?

    And Rue! She looks so adorable in that little shot with Katniss and Peeta smiling at her. It’s like a punch in the gut when you remember what will happen later.

  2. Three words: Wes Bentley’s beard. Probably one of the most exciting things about the trailer.
    Also, am I the only one curious as to it seemed like everyone in District 11 looked like they belonged in a concentration camp? You can see about 2 people in there with hair…what’s up with that?

    1. That beard is LEGEND. You know Seneca Crane is a bad, bad man because his beard is cut into maniacal shapes!

      I didn’t even notice the District 11 concentration camp look, but you’re right. There’s going to be a lot of comparisons to slavery in D11 and I can’t wait to see how they create those visuals!

  3. My mom has not read the books yet…but she watched the trailer…and she cried. (: And I started screaming when I saw Peeta.

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